List of all Services

List of all Services

My services include but not limited to:

(if you don’t find in this list what you need, feel free to call me 703 943 86 13 or send me an email or text message with your task):


  1. Internet research
  2. Appointment booking and reminders
  3. Deliver local packages and confidential documents
  4. Personal shopping – purchases, returns and exchanges
  5. Problem solving with customer service
  6. Post Office/UPS/Fedex
  7. Relocation assistance – orientation, settling-in
  8. Waiting in line
  9. Meal delivery
  10. Bill paying
  11. Reminders of important dates
  12. Preparation of personal financial operations
  13. Personal correspondence
  14. Monitoring
  15. Any calls that require a lot of time

Vehicle/Car pick up and delivery for:

  1. Inspections
  2. Maintenance
  3. Car wash
  4. Detailing
  5. New tires
  6. Oil change
  7. Repairs


  1. Grocery shopping
  2. Taking car to service and maintenance
  3. Run errands
  4. Absentee home check – plants, pets, mail, restock refrigerator
  5. Dry cleaning pick up and delivery
  6. Emergency items pick up and delivery
  7. Repair and delivery waiting
  8. House project management
  9. Mail management

Repair and maintenance:

  1. Find the best service
  2. Arrange service
  3. Obtain quotes
  4. Waiting for service technicians (example: electricians, plumbers)
  5. Waiting for deliveries (example: appliance, furniture)
  6. Staying in your house during repair and maintenance
  7. Emergency help with house problems

Special occasions :

  1. Event planning
  2. Gift shopping and wrapping
  3. Buying flowers
  4. Balloon delivery
  5. Restaurant reservations
  6. RSVP list management
  7. Venue research and booking
  8. Arrange catering
  9. Arrange photographer
  10. Arrange goody bags
  11. Invitations
  12. Holiday, thank you, birthday cards

Business and corporate concierge services:

  1. Courier services
  2. Organize workspace and office
  3. Schedule appointments and meetings
  4. Conference and meeting venue and attendee registration
  5. Office supplies shopping
  6. Work with printing companies (business cards and promotional products)
  7. Mystery shopping (mystery consumer, secret shopper)
  8. Help with EDDM
  9. Other tasks you may need

Administrative support:

  1. Customer service
  2. Customer support
  3. Mail and package deliveries
  4. Calendar management
  5. Web research
  6. Data entry
  7. Documents organization and destruction
  8. Spreadsheets


  1. Travel itinerary research
  2. Trip planning – flights, buses, trains, hotels, car rentals
  3. Tickets, hotel and car rental booking
  4. Travel documents pick up and delivery
  5. Private aviation
  6. Other travel arrangements


  1. Medical appointments – set up and reminders
  2. Taking you or your family members to doctors
  3. Prescription pick up and delivery

Senior care:

  1. Arrange daily needs
  2. Home services management
  3. Coordinate visits
  4. Personal driver


  1. Exotic rentals
  2. Entertainment planning
  3. Outdoors planning
  4. Yacht booking
  5. Fishing and hunting tour booking
  6. Event tickets booking

Lifestyle consulting

  1. Finding the right: gym, baby sitter, coach, doctor, school, car wash, and so on
  2. Help to choose the right product: a car, kitchen appliances on so on

Time management and planning

  1. Plan your day
  2. Reminders

Other services:

  1. Arrangements for donations and volunteering
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